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Investor Relations

AEST’s strategic vision is to build a deregulated, distributed energy utility company, owning as many global DPS installations as feasible. The company’s DPS technology represents in-the-ground annuities, without associated up-front sales or installation costs borne by the customer. The more DPS units installed, the larger the annuity. Once operational, DPS units generate daily revenue calculated on the basis of electricity generated, kilowatt-demand created and kilowatt-hours produced per month.

The company seeks equity capital but is also open to debt financing (or combination of both). If you would like to speak to AEST’s senior management about investment opportunities, click here, or call: + 1-510-397-9089 (inside California).

You may obtain a copy of AEST’s strategic business plan and executive summary by filling out an investment questionnaire and signing the company’s non-disclosure agreement (NDA).Please fax signed questionnaire and NDA to: + 1-510-886-6819.

AEST News:

General Services Administration (GSA) Region 9’s Dragon Power Project Nominated For Environmental Award. To read more, click here and go to page 2.


To download Investment Questionnaire, PDF, click here.

To download AEST NDA, PDF, click here.


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