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Dragon Power Station (DPS)…

DPS generates and distributes¬†renewable, off-grid clean electricity¬†from the capture and harnessing of weight and speed – untapped kinetic energy – of heavy vehicles at controlled roadways. DPS reduces current operational electric costs, stabilizing future power costs for its customers, while providing an alternative and less expensive renewable source of energy. Designed and manufactured for the amount of necessary power to be generated based on location, traffic flow and type of vehicles, DPS ideal locations include entrances and exits at port authorities, border crossings, truck/bus depots, weigh-stations, and toll-bridges, parking garages, military complexes and theme parks. Specific configurations, number of plates used and the size of the generator will be determined after an analysis of the customer’s location and load (energy) requirements. By examining traffic patterns and vehicle types AEST can produce units for maximum power generation per each specific location.


The concept behind AEST’s DPS is derived from an adaptation of an old means of generating electricity from rivers and streams. In those proven applications, a fluid (water) turns a turbine, which drives a generator. AEST’s innovative adaptation utilizes the movement of cars and trucks crossing over pressurized road plates that depress under the vehicle’s weight to generate electricity.

DPS consist of two major components:

(1) Road Plates


DPS is designed for installation in areas where vehicles come to a full stop, or move less than 30 miles per hour. Vehicles simply drive over road plates placed in the road. Each DPS road plate houses individual steps. Each step captures the weight of the vehicle and initiates a series of pumping actions that, via hydraulic linkage, turn a generator, ultimately producing electricity. AEST’s power generation station can be deployed as a single unit or in a constellation of multiple units, as needed.

(2) Power House

DPS Power House is a closed and secure area beside a roadway normally within 100-feet of the road plates. This powerhouse unit houses the accumulator, generator and other electrical equipment. DPS technology also incorporates the use of solar power panels that reside on top of the power house…See illustration and photo below.



Above Illustration: DPS Power House is normally next to roadways and within 100-feet of the road plates.



Typical DPS configuration incorporates use of solar power panels located above power house.


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