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DPS Vehicle Surveillance System…

Securing Gateways of the World: With concerns for Homeland Security and protection of our national Borders and major public facilities where there are large crowds, AEST has added a security component to the Dragon Power Station to perform vehicle surveillance. This feature provides pictures of the vehicle’s undercarriage and can be integrated with the customer’s existing security systems in software.

As vehicles drive over the DPS road plates, the undercarriage is scanned by a camera linked through an encoder located in the power house, this connects back to the customer’s security center.

The advantage of AEST’s vehicle surveillance system is that the real-time pictures of vehicles, the power zone, or surrounding area, can be archived, labeled, and or routed live, simultaneously to multiple remote viewers providing security, first responders, and other decision makers with immediate emergency or potentially life-saving information.


Future enhancements to the vehicle surveillance system will include chemical sensors offering advance alert to potential explosive or bio-chemical weapons.

AEST’s DPS Vehicle Surveillance System can be delivered within weeks to power and protect the gateways to our


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