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About AEST

AEST operates within the clean, renewable and distributed alternative energy generation sector. Historically, we have recognized the need to help stakeholders (government, industrial and commercial facilities) manage their GHG (Green-House Gas) emissions. We remain committed to assist State, national and international efforts to reduce harmful GHG pollutants into our environment. With our commitment to sustainability we continue to utilize advanced leading-edge technologies, like our patented Dragon Power Stationtm(DPS) distributive power generation system; advanced interval meters; and a Web-based energy information management intelligent-network (building load-analysis tools). We believe that these technologies will ultimately play a pivotal and supportive role, helping stakeholders to conserve energy, while providing them with improved energy efficiency measures for their facilities. In the future, we will continue to help shape stakeholder attitudes about improving their operations relative to pollution control and energy demand. Our advanced technologies, energy conservation methodologies (ECM) and energy efficiency measures (EEM) continue to give rise to better energy management decisions and control mechanisms as an integral part of sustainable environmental performance .

Since our inception our unique value proposition has been to help stakeholders reduce their dependency on costly and pollutant rich power sources, converting “peak” periods of energy demand over to our proprietary and patented DPS technology. Our DPS technology transforms the unused kinetic energy of cars, trucks and buses, into usable electrical power, as they stop prior to entry/exits to port authorities/terminal operators, metered on ramps, border crossings, parking structures, or other controlled roadways…See illustration below:


DPS addresses global concerns over reliance on unstable and diminishing sources of energy, rapidly escalating energy costs, climate change and environmental sustainability. DPS can also be integrated with Vehicle Security Surveillance (DPS-VSS), as a customer option, designed to effectively address global market demands for homeland security solutions to security threats at vulnerable, high-traffic entry and exit points of commercial and public activity.

For more information or to contact AEST, click here, or call: 1-866-632-3784 (outside California); or 510-886-3501 (inside California).


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