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Powering The Future of Sustainability…




AEST is an alternative energy technology developer and energy services company providing sustainable solutions that help remove pollutants (“green house gases” (GHG)) from our environment. Our mission is to empower our customers with alternative power generation and creative, renewable energy conservation solutions and resources that help them adhere to their social responsibility to protect our planet as good corporate citizens should. Simply stated, AEST helps to lower energy demand and operating costs, saving money, and in the process elevating our customer’s visibility as responsible citizens helping to sustain our planet.

Located in Hayward, California, USA, AEST’s core competencies are focused on three areas:

1. Dragon Power Station™ (DPS) Power Generation

2. Vehicle Security Surveillance

Energy issues today are taking on more important and expanded roles in a company’s financial performance impacting its ability to control costs while improving and maintaining profitability. If your company qualifies, we can help you to generate clean environmentally safe and renewable power (electricity) from the free installation of our revolutionary distributed power generator, DPS system; or provide you with a Web-enabled energy information management intelligent-network that helps curtail energy use affording financial benefits in incentive and rebate programs such as Demand Response” (Load Curtailment).


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